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Winners for “How to Win a Jersey/T-Shirt combo on 10/7!”

Here are the results for the “How to Win a Jersey/T-Shirt combo on 10/7! promotion ending 10/7!  Thank you for all the great submissions!  Here are the judge’s selections for the answers to the question, “What is your favorite 5 min cycling movie/video clip, personal or professional?”  Congratulations to Clark H and Jim Howe, for such great posts!  They both are receiving a pair of the Bike the Coast jersey and Bike the Coast t-shirt!

Aside from any personal impromptu video’s, I think the attached link will definitely be a winner. My favorite video clip doesn’t contain me transversing any technical terrain or riding into the sunset, but rather, it is a video clip from my favorite movie. “RAD”. For those who don’t remember the awesome footage in this coming of age movie, rent it. I assure you that it will become one of your favorites. PS.. I wish I had enough money left to purchase a video camera to film an awesome cycling video. If I win a jersey then I definitely will be able to fund my next video feature footage. Check it out fellow cyclists…..


I like this video because I have taken a few “wrong turns” out on rides and wished I could ride like that.

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  1. Don Nguyen -

    I like to have your jersey.

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