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10 Strava Bike Ride Routes in Southern California

San Diego Century Bike Ride

We checked out these top ride routes over the holidays, and want to see how many more riders have hit these 10 popular and well-travelled routes for every Southern California cyclist.

From coastal routes to climbs, these are routes in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles recorded by hundreds of riders on  We also included the popular climbs for the San Diego Century: the Three Witches Climb and the Purple Monster climb.

If you want to compare your performance to thousands of other rides you can record your ride with a Garmin, smartphone or GPS device and upload it on   You’ll see how you stack up by age group and overall.

10 Popular Strava Bike Ride Routes in Southern California

SAN DIEGO: Check out the Torrey Pines Hill Challenge with 2600 rides recorded since the holidays and James Wingert riding it at 18 mph (how is that possible? 🙂 ).   Or see the latest for the San Diego Century on Three Witches or the Purple Monster.

ORANGE COUNTY: In OC there is the car-free Santa Ana River trail, the climbs in beautiful Santiago Canyon, or the views on the Palos Verdes coastline near the Palos Verdes TT segment.

LOS ANGELES: Travel Town Hill in Griffith Park logged nearly 500 more rides since the holidays, and serious climbers have plenty of competition on the Mulholland Rock Store climb (Ben Bostrom tops the list at 14 mph) and the “True Latigo Climb”.

We hope your ride log is stacking up in 2012, and we look forward to seeing your tracks on!



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