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Cold? Rain? How to Get Back in Cycling Shape Indoors on 1/4

Stationary Training on Your Bike: Trek Stores in Vista and La Mesa

With the west coast rain, snow and weather over the New Year you might not feel like getting out on the bike.

There is a solution: Evening Stationary Training series EVERY Tuesday and Thursday in January and February.  It’s the “Get Back in Shape After the Holidays!” series with Darry Mackenzie and Bruce Millikin at the Trek Bicycle Superstores in Vista and La Mesa.

WHAT: Stationary training, each class is progressively difficult. Train like Lance Armstrong and the pros by training first leg power, then endurance and finally anaerobic conditioning.

WHERE: Trek Bicycle Superstore 2123 Industrial Court Vista, CA 92081 with Coach Bruce. Also at the Trek Bicycle Superstore 8495 Fletcher Parkway, La Mesa, CA 91942 at same time with Coach Darryl.

WHEN: Starting Tuesday January 4 through Thursday February 24, each Tuesday and Thursday in January and February. There are a total of 16 classes over 8 weeks. Space is limited, reserve your spot now. Reservation for the series is required. Arrive anytime, start setting up after 6:30PM and the class starts at 7:05 shortly after when the store closes. Classes are 90 minutes.

WHO: Appropriate for any fitness ability. Train next to a state champion or someone wanting to lose 100 pounds, no one gets dropped! The Vista class has over 20 people from previous classes already signed up, the La Mesa class over 60. Classes are normally 50-60% women, and average 70% satisfied returning cyclists. Space is limited, sign up now to avoid the Waiting List.

COST: The cost is $80 for the 16 class. Individual class pricing is not available. If you do not register at the start of the class, class price is reduced by $5 for every class missed before you register (if you register after first 2 classes held, remove $10 from the $80 registration fee.) Try any class before paying and if you do not like the class, do not pay.

STORE DISCOUNT: Each attendee receives a trainer class attendee discount for:
1 the Trek Bicycle Superstore at which you register
2 Alpine Challenge.
3 San Diego Century
You could save more than the class costs!

REGISTER: For both classes, register through Coach Darryl at http://www.Coach-Darryl.Com.

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