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How to download your free photos from June 1, 2013

How to Download Your 2013 Free Photos

San Diego Century Green Screen Photo

All registered riders in the 2013 San Diego Century were photographed by with free photos courtesy of Tri-City Medical Center and available for download from Facebook thanks to the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. Photographers from were located in 3 positions:

  1. on the course (mile 25.4 and 27.6 on the 39, 68 and 107 mile courses),
  2. at the finish line and
  3. at the green screen photo area.


1. Please download your photos using a desktop computer.

2. Find your photos using the linked categories below for photo albums that are located on the Facebook page for the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.

3.  When you find a photo that you want to download, click on the photo so that you see a larger view of the photo on a black background.

4. To download from a Windows computer, right click your mouse and save the image on your computer.  To download from a Mac computer, press the “control” key and click your mouse at the same time to save the image on your computer.


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Viewing/Searching TIPS: When you are in the Photos section of the Facebook page for the San Diego Century Bicycle Coalition click on Albums to see all albums with time slots and in chronological order.  Select the album to view/search and scroll through the photos.  If possible do your view/search from a desktop with a high speed internet connection.  Most albums are about 500 photos and can be searched in 1-2 minutes with a high speed internet connection.

GREEN SCREEN PHOTOS - one Facebook photo album

View Green Screen Photos (All Day) 

ON-COURSE PHOTOS - multiple Facebook albums organized by the time you would have passed the photographer at mile 25.6 (7:05-8:30am) or mile 27.4 (8:30am - 11:30am)

Course photo from mile 27.4 of the 39, 68 & 107 mile courses.

View Course Photos 7:05 - 7:45am

View Course Photos 7:49-7:57am

View Course Photos 7:57-8:06am

View Course Photos 8:06-8:13am

View Course Photos 8:13-8:20am

View Course Photos 8:20-8:32am

View Course Photos 8:32-8:46am

View Course Photos 8:46-9:02am

View Course Photos 9:02-9:31am

View Course Photos 9:31-10:18am

View Course Photos 10:18am-12:24pm

START/FINISH LINE PHOTOS - multiple Facebook albums organized by the time you crossed the start or finish line

View Starting Line Photos 5:56-6:32am

View Starting Line Photos 6:32-6:50am

View Starting Line Photos 6:50-7:13am

View Starting Line Photos 7:13-8:15am

View FINISH LINE Photos 8:15-10:26am

View FINISH LINE Photos 10:26-11:07am

View FINISH LINE Photos 11:07-11:39am

View FINISH LINE Photos 11:39am-12:25pm

View FINISH LINE Photos 12:25-12:59pm

View FINISH LINE Photos 12:59-1:33pm

View FINISH LINE Photos 1:33-2:04pm

View FINISH LINE Photos 2:04-2:49pm

View FINISH LINE Photos 2:49-3:23pm

View FINISH LINE Photos 3:23-5:11 pm

Note: Please CONTACT US with subject “Photos” if

you have a photo, especially green screen photo, that has filtering and you would like to see if it can can improved.  Unfortunately, if you were wearing green clothing on the green screen we cannot automatically correct those images.  However, light or white clothing with shadows that are too dark can be corrected.  Please include the link to your photo on Facebook as a reference.  

Tri-City Medical Center


Free Photos thanks to Tri-City Medical Center.
As we advance, so does your health.


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