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Photos, Parking Tickets & Merchandise


We’ll be sending an email to all participants on Wednesday with event highlights, links to your photos, info on parking tickets, and information for ordering jerseys and t-shirts.

PHOTOS is just about ready with event photos, and we expect the photos to be loaded and ready for purchase by the time we send our email to participants tomorrow.


If you parked in either of the all-day free lots either at the Oceanside Transit Center or the Civic Center on Saturday 11/5 and received a parking ticket, please send us your name and the ticket number, and the names and ticket numbers of friends who were also ticketed for that.  We are talking with the city about this issue and we may be able to get these tickets waived.  We should be tell you within the week if they have been waived.

If you parked in a Four Hour lot for longer than Four Hours, or in a Pay Lot and did not pay the fee for the whole day ($3 or $5), I do not think that we can help, but feel free to contact the city if you feel strongly that their parking policy should be different.


We will be ordering more jerseys and t-shirts this week.  If you weren’t able to purchase on Friday or Saturday, check the website and your email on Wednesday for links to purchasing jerseys and t-shirts.

Photos courtesy of: 

Lewis Jennings, Sid Shapira, Greg Hendrickson

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