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Cycle Blog 1/2: Bryan’s Rides for the 37 Mile route

Bryan, Zack and Jerry at the Finish of Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast 2010

By Bryan Mewes for the San Diego Century.

Bryan Mewes is a cycling blogger for the San Diego Century and Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast. He is preparing for the 37 mile route at the San Diego Century (though we’ll try to get him to upgrade to the 66 or 103 by May). Along with the San Diego Century he has a full schedule of 2011 events. To follow his training and stories from the road stay tuned to his regular blog posts at and



I got my second training ride in for the San Diego Century.  Well I guess for me it’s more like my second training ride for the San Diego Century 1/3 Century.  I’m planning on doing the 37 mile ride.  I want to do a full century, I just haven’t been able to dedicate the time needed to train for a full century.  And my hill climbing isn’t the strongest.

More importantly then all that, this was my first ride of the New Year!  It would have been nice to be out yesterday with all the other riders I saw out.  But I was a little hung over.  I’m not sure how these guys are able to go on these New Years day rides.

After a day of being super lazy on a perfect day for training, I was really looking forward to getting on my bike today.  I planned to meet with my friend Zack and to be on our bikes by 10am.  And this surprisingly worked out perfectly, even with my initial fear of rain.

Yeah rain tried to foil my riding again.  When I woke up I checked my phone and it said that it was raining in Irvine, where we were meeting for the ride.  I called Zack to check and luckily he said it was fine and we were riding right at 10.

We rode at a leisurely pace.  I threw in a few intervals where I cranked up the speed to 24mph.  Those only lasted for a minute or so.  But it was good to get a little something extra in.  There were a few sketchy spots covered in dirt again.  The most interesting spot was where there was basically a small river crossing the bike trail.  With all this mud, sand, and water I’ve been crossing I feel like I should be training for a cyclecross event.

We were only out for about an hour and back to our cars by 11.  Zack had somewhere to be by 12.  I stayed on my bike and did another 6 miles.  The first three where at a bit of an incline which is always nice to cruise down at the end of the ride.

Like I said earlier, it was a leisurely ride.  Overall my average speed was 16.2 mph and a total of 21.06.

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About the San Diego Century Bicycle Tour

The San Diego Century Bicycle Tour is a choice of 37, 66, or 103-mile bicycle ride starting and finishing with food, fun and music at MiraCosta College in Cardiff, California on Saturday, May 21. The cycling courses provide riders with an opportunity to taste the hills with both varying elevation gains and tasty cuisine at the Ramona aid station and finish line. Hills on the courses range from moderate on the 37 mile course to challenging on the 103 mile course. Proceeds from the ride support the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition — — a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making bicycling better in greater San Diego. Registration Info>>

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