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How to Win 2 Bike Jerseys on 1/27

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

With training underway for the San Diego Century we hope that everyone has a great group for riding, training and encouragement.  This week’s bike jersey question is all about celebrating the groups and clubs that help make cycling even more fun.

If you haven’t participated yet, we will be giving away San Diego Century bike jerseys this week (and every week until 5/19) with some fun website contest questions.  Two winners who participate this week will each receive a free 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey.

Whether or not you want to participate, be sure to check out our 2012 merchandise, including the jersey, t-shirts and caps.

Since it’s always more fun to share a perfect ride route, this week’s question is all about your favorite bike clubs and ride groups.  The question is “What bike clubs and ride groups do you plan to ride with in 2012?”  Share your list and we’ll do our best to help with more information and tools to make 2012 a great cycling year!   Post a comment below with your answer to get in on the Jersey contest.

If you don’t have an answer because you haven’t checked out clubs yet, here are some great resources (and see the member posts below, too).  Check it out and post and answer!

Win one of 2 San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jerseys like David & Dana did on 1/20.  1/20 Jersey Winners and 27 Ride Links for 2012>>

The best comments between Monday and 5:00 pm  Friday 1/27  are eligible.  The judging team from San Diego Century will select the winning comments on 1/28 and 1/29, with the winners posted the week of 1/30.

More details on the giveaway:

San Diego Century "3 Witches" Climb

The 1/27 promotion will include two San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jerseys.  No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  Previous 2012 winners are not eligible.   Items will be awarded based on best comments on this post between January 24 and Friday January 27, 2012 at 5 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

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  1. Richard Marubayashi -

    The company I work for, UnitedHealthcare, just started it’s own club for recreational riders. They welcome riders of all ability levels, from beginners up to experts who compete (but not professionally; we also sponsor a pro team). The company also sponsors employees who will ride in the September ADA Tour de Cure. It’s great that the company encourages this healthy recreation; the country has enough couch potatoes!
    Other than that, most of my rides are done with a cycling buddy, not a large group.

  2. Lauren Webb -

    Velo Bellas!!! The Velo Bellas are a national all womens cycling and triathlon team. I’m a former collegiate athlete so being on a team of chicks again is so much fun for me!

  3. H Olson -

    I plan on riding with BikingLasVegas in 2012. It’s free to join and members post weekly rides during the week and weekends. I lurked on the website for almost a year before joining. Once I joined I was hooked. Especially hooked on the Cake Ride the admin hosts once a month. Basically it’s a ride (short or long distance options are available) that ends with cake and coffee. During the week they have night rides with hot chocolates in the winter months. In the summer it’s frozen yogurt. It’s a fun group with great people. Most of us are roadies, however, a number of us recently purchased mountain bikes for Christmas so we’re learning to mountain bike together on Sundays, after our “normal” road rides on Saturdays.

  4. Kimberly Johnson -

    I recently joined North Coast Velo and love the rides that take us through North County. It’s a great group that teaches newbies and challenges the advanced. And I love the fact that they meet only 4.5 miles from my house, so I can ride there for a warmup!

  5. Rick Knaggs -

    Team In Training, the world’s first and largest endurance training organization, is just starting its new training season for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride - a century ride around awesome Lake Tahoe on June 3 for riders of all skill ranges. See for more info.

  6. Rhoda Lynn Hein -

    The hubby and I ride train and ride together…makes for no conflict of schedules in our planned rides/races and since we’re both uber competitive we push each other to past what we may think is our limit…he’s the more experienced one but he claims I’m the gifted cyclist so he’s going to live vicariously through me and my accomplishments and pushes me farther and harder every time! LOL….
    So far we ride with SDBC (San Diego Bicyle Club) and SDVA (San Diego Velodrome Association~ I started racing at the Velodrome in the late 70′s as a midget…now I get to ride with the Seniors LOL), and we go on as many TREK group rides as our (sometimes conflicting work schedules) permit.

  7. Janet Hackler -

    I will be riding my first century in March at Solvang Century as as an honored LLS TNT team member. This will be the first time I have ridden over 25 miles. To train for this I will be participating in the rides offered by Revolution and HERevolution winter training rides with Cycling Camp San Diego. I also plan to do the San Diego Century in May, Bike the Bay in August and then Bike the Coast in November!

  8. Frank Giffen -

    I’ve had trouble finding the right group to ride with. Why? Because I’m old and slow. But one of my co-workers noticed I ride to work and told me about a group that meets at his church and rides around the San Gabriel Valley, usually around the Santa Fe Dam bike paths. So I tried it out. These are nice people, some are even older than I am, and, most importantly, I can keep up with them. We stop for coffee in Monrovia on the way back from our rides, and while relaxing there, we see the Pasadena club ride go by at blinding speed and think “Yeah, we’re in the right group.”

  9. Robert Neiuber -

    I ride with Butts on Bikes - Inland Empire and Psyco-Lists. Both groups offer a variety of rides weekly in San Bernardino, Orange, and the East San Gabriel Valley including rides up GMR.

  10. Brent Hedden -

    I used to ride with the Major Taylor club until I moved up North. I’ve been riding independent for a while, tailing a paceline if one comes along. Now I’m riding with my daughter on a recently acquired tandem. I’ve been thinking of joining up with the North County Cycle Club, though.

  11. Mary Mondragon -

    I recently started riding with the Claremont Senior Bicycle Club to encourage me to ride regularly again. They arrange various rides for different level riders on a regular schedule. It is great to see and join dedicated riders of all ages. I hope to ride on for many years to come.

  12. James Robinson -

    I will ride with an exclusive group called the Blessed Boyz. It was formed by myself and one friend of mine. We used to ride to church together and often would go riding just for fun. We have brought in other friends, spin class students and hopefully I will be able to get my wife out on some rides.

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