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Vote and Win a 2011 Jersey

UPDATE: Thanks for all the votes and entertaining comments!  The green jersey took home 67% of the votes and was a big part of our selecting the green jersey for 2011.  We also put all the voters into a random drawing and Richard was our 2011 jersey winner!


What do you think? We’re down to 2 options for the 2011 jersey design for the San Diego Century. Vote for your favorite and help us select the final design. If you leave a comment with your vote and feedback we’ll be selecting a free jersey recipient from everyone who comments before 11:59pm on December 26. Happy Holidays!

Vote for your favorite 2011 jersey design for the San Diego Century on May 21, 2011

Click on the graphic if you’d like to see a larger version. Post a comment by 11:59 pm on December 26, 2010 and vote for your favorite.

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  1. Teresa -

    Go Green!!! Let’s Ride, Green!

  2. Dan Nguyen -

    I vote for green jersey design. It’s very refreshing. We already had yellow jersey 2010 so green is much better choice. Make San Diego Century 2011 more green theme to reduce carbon foodprint. Personally that is one of the reason i ride! Go for green!

  3. Susan -

    I vote for the Green jersey design for several reason. 2010 was yellow so a change is good. Also green goes along with the green theme of riding bicycles. And with the Taste the Hills I’m sure there is alot of green food.

  4. Ye -

    Loving both, it’s a very hard decision…

  5. sammy -

    go!! green

  6. Cathy -

    Definitely go GREEN!!!!!!

  7. Terry -

    The tan will be more dynamic graphically and ties in better with So. Cal…sand you know. Beaches Rule!

  8. Ben -

    I am going for Green

  9. judy -

    I vote for the yellow, seems like it would stand out on the road for motorists and yellow is sunny and bright.

  10. Devon -

    Blue for sure. Blue represents beautiful San Diego, as well as the Chargers & Padres

  11. Skip -

    Green means GO
    Yellow means Caution

    Sounds like GREEN to me!!!

  12. Elizabeth -

    I vote for the green!

  13. Richard -

    Green fits the latest trend. Lets go with it.

  14. Markus -

    Green! No Question!!!

  15. Green -

    Green, green green!!!

  16. Rick -

    I vote yellow. the Yellow jersey is for winners. The San Diego Century is a winner, thus Yellow.

    Riders wearing Yellow can been seen better by drivers than Green. Green is so over done. I am tire of the Green Theme.

  17. Brian -

    mello johnny, as a bonus, it’s safer at a distance

  18. Thomas -

    Go “Green”.
    Al Gore would be proud, (if he could see it from his personal jet using 500 pounds of fuel an hour, spewing more polution that 1,000 cars an hour).

  19. Don -

    I like both. Just to be different, I’ll vote yellow. It really shows up on the road.

  20. Greg Hendrickson -

    Thanks for all the votes! We’ll have to go to random selection for the jersey winner, though you’re putting up some priceless comments for honorable mentions:) Count so far is 13 Green, 5 Yellow and a couple votes outside the spokes:)

  21. Doug -

    Yellow is the best.

  22. Joe -

    I vote yellow, like the black wheel. We had green in 2008.

  23. Donal -

    Having just recently had my hard-earned 2010 jersey cut away in the ER, I would welcome a color that matches how I felt when I saw the mess that was once my knee. The dislocated shoulder didn’t help much either. GREEN it must be!! And I’ll be back out there in 2011 earning it all over again.

  24. Ed -

    Go with green

  25. Art -

    Yellow has significant meaning within the cycling world and I believe it is preferable to the green color scheme.

  26. eric -

    yellow/blue, go chargers!

  27. Susan C -

    I say “Go Green” the green will stand out. You don’t see much green on cycling jerseys. There was alot of yellow on the 2010 jersey. Time to change. You’ll know its 2011 San Diego Century jersey, when you ‘Go Green!’

  28. Ben Raymond -

    GREEN!!!!!! Definitely. My favorite color

  29. neuron65 -

    Yellow is more visible! Easier for traffic to notice. Both are great! Thanks for all the effort put into this.

  30. Mark -

    Definitely green. The yellow is too similar to last year. The green looks fresh and new. Besides, I don’t have a green jersey yet and one of the freebies would look great on my chiseled cycling physique!

  31. Mike -

    Green gets my vote

  32. Bob -

    Yellow. I’m a safety nut and think yellow is more visible.

  33. Byron -

    Green it is. Although I like maximum visibility, the green has more life.

  34. David -

    My vote goes to Green.

  35. Kim -

    Yellow it is!

  36. Jeanine -

    The phrase “go green” is way overdone…but I’m gonna say it anyway…GO GREEN!

  37. James -

    I vote for green, but it would be better if it were a darker green.

  38. Erin -

    Of course GREEN! The Irish always love the GREEN!

  39. David -

    Forget all this nonsense about which one is more visible or what the color stands for.

    The YELLOW jersey is just plain better-looking and way cooler! I vote YELLOW.

  40. jim van evera -

    I vote for green, and agree with James on Dec. 24, better if darker green!!!

  41. Leopoldo -

    Green it is

  42. Arnold -

    Most definetly YELLOW!

  43. jim P -

    Green means go while yellows means proceed with caution. During this century, my first, I would prefer the subliminal message Go, Go, Go.

    I vote for Green

  44. Rick Kaufman -

    Go Green Baby!

  45. John -

    Go green! It’s the wave of the future.

  46. Greg Hendrickson -

    UPDATE: Thanks for all the votes and entertaining comments! The green jersey took home 67% of the votes and is a big voice in the coming jersey decision. We also put all the voters into a random drawing and will select a jersey winner tomorrow morning (12/28). If you voted please check for email from [email protected] on Tuesday or Wednesday to claim your jersey.

  47. Six Lucky Holiday Cyclists | San Diego Century Bicycle Tour -

    [...] Richard will grab a free jersey for being one of the many voters on our design options for the 2011 San Diego Century [...]

  48. Peter -

    One vote for green

  49. Chip Rea -

    GO GREEN!!!!

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