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Congrats to the 4 Winners for “What’s Your Next Cycling Goal?”

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Congratulations to Nina, Tyson, Missy and Jean!  They are the winners in our giveaways that ended 8/27 for answering

What’s the next goal for you and your bike?

Read their winning aswers below…

Thanks to everyone who participated, what an inspirational set of cycling goals!  See all the answers on the website, on the Facebook page for Bike the Coast and on the Facebook page for the San Diego Century.

Nina, Tyson, Missy and Jean won:

1. Two weeks of free premium coaching with John Howard (Nina),
2. free PowerFiTTE session from John Howard Performance Sports (Tyson).
3. a Ride & Jersey combo for Bike the Coast (Missy),
4. $150 gift certificate for XX2i Optics (Jean)

Stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page to participate in our weekly giveaways.

Six Cycling Goals from Fellow Riders (we just had to add Marianne and Craig!):

NINA:  My goal is to have fun riding 100 miles. Seriously! This is my first ever century and first time I’ve ever ridden 100 miles. As I’m ramping up the mileage to a long ride of 50 miles, I’m trying to keep my riding fun. I want to be comfortable enough that not only do I ride 100 miles but I also enjoy the sights, meet great people, and ride with my brother. I want to pass on to my daughters, ages 7 and 9, that getting exercise is healthy and fun. The support I’m getting from Bike the Coast is great – beyond what I expected when signing up for a century – and helping me stay comfortable and have fun riding. I’m following—as best I can—the training program you all post every week. Thanks for asking about my goal — it’s helpful to put in writing.

MARIANNE: 10 weeks from now, my goal is to be able to get through 15 miles of biking.

The goal is to lose one pound per mile that i ride during Bike the Coast. So 15lbs by the day of the race. That’s already going to be a great goal to have achieved by then and of course finishing my very first Bike the Coast event would be amazing.

JEAN: I would like to lose between 5-10 pounds before my first ‘big’ bike ride. I’ve never ridden in an event like this so I’m kinda nervous. But I’m sticking with it and if anything, I’ve learned to enjoy riding!

Goal 1: enjoy being on a my bike- ongoing
Goal 2: lose weight – ongoing
Goal 3: ride 25 miles – will complete on 11/3
Goal 4: enjoy after-ride festivities on 11/3 – anxiously awaiting!

TYSON: I want to increase my leg strength and stamina to be able to complete a 50 mile ride. I am currently at 25 and would like to increase my riding duration.

MISSY: I have been through many traumatic events these last 5 years. Now it’s time to celebrate being present; celebrate my ability to own an incredible bike, breath the air and see the world from a seat held up by a frame and two wheels. WIth coaching, I can accomplish this at an accelerated rate and be accountable. I want to represent transformation, a butterfly on a bike, the “before” and “after” inspiration that shows YES, we can survive reality and what life hands us. My goal is to have John help my bike and I become one unit of joy in the outdoors by riding. Wahoooo!!!!! WE ARE THE WINNERS because I need this and want this more than anyone.

CRAIG: 100 times my age in miles by December 31st = 6,400 miles!

Watch for the instructions and get ready to post for the next contest and giveaways!



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