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How to Win a Jersey & T-shirts with GPS on 9/22!

Our apologies for the wrong link in the email for Would I look better in a Bike the Coast jersey or a leopard Jersey? 

For the right link, click here>>

No, we don’t have t-shirts with GPS built in.  But are you tracking any of your rides with GPS on your phone, or with a Garmin?  If you’re planning to ride Bike the Coast we hope you’re out there riding to get ready for November, or riding because it’s simply great to just ride a bike!  To celebrate our love of cycling, this week’s contest question is “What is your favorite bike ride route?” Special credit if you want to share a link to your GPS route track from fun services like STRAVA, Endomondo, MapMyRide or GarminConnect.   Post a comment below with your answer to get in on this week’s contest.

Win one of the following:  Bike the Coast jersey, 2 STRAVA t-shirts, STRAVA cycling socks and a Bike the Coast t-shirt.

We’ll select the best entries on Friday.  The best comments between Monday and 11:59 pm Thursday 9/22  are eligible.  The judging team from Bike the Coast will select the winning comments over the weekend of September 24/25.

More details on the giveaway:

The 9/22 promotions will include 1 new Bike the Coast jersey, 1 new Bike the Coast t-shirt, 2 new STRAVA t-shirts and 1 new pair of STRAVA cycling socks.  No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person. Previous winners not eligible.  One prize per person.   Items will be awarded based on best comments on this post between Monday and Thursday September 22 at 11:59pm, with winners selected by Bike the Coast judges.

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  1. Rommel P -

    One of my favorite bike route will be the Coronado (Silver strand) Bayshore Bikeway. It’s easy and relaxing and one can take the ferry to downtown and back to Coronado.

    Start at the Plaza Bonita Shopping center and take the bike lane parallel highway 54 to the Bayshore Bikeway to Silver Strand. Ride the stand all the way to Coronado and if you have time take the ferry to downtown and take a break and enjoy the wonderul scenery along Harbor Drive. What you do there is up to you, this is more of a relaxing ride. Take the ferry back or you can take Harbor Drive back to the Bayshore Bikeway to Plaza Bonita.

  2. Richard Wong -

    Favorite Route: 3 Canyons out in the Antelope Valley. Route starts on Elizabeth Lake Rd. then up Bouquet Canyon Rd to Spunky Canyon Rd. then through San Francisquito Canyon Rd. Lots of climbing and a thrilling ride down the canyons. Minimum traffic to allow for a peaceful and scenic ride. A hidden beauty located outside of the desert.

  3. Eric Park -

    Hi There!

    My favorite ride is here:
    08/06/2011 Maple Springs > Santiago Peak

  4. Wendy Smith -

    My favorite route: From Torrance Beach to Marina Del Rey. It’s where my husband and I had our first date - we rode bikes…how romantic. The key is to go early to avoid the pedestrians and obey all signs. You can continue along the Bellona Creek trail for a longer workout.

  5. Heather Hofrichter -

    My favorite route: From Huntington Beach to Chino Hills, along the Santa Ana River Trail. This has become a weekly event since I’m training for the century ride, and offers an easy way to squeeze in 60 miles or more without traffic or stop lights.
    Start on the PCH and Brookhurst between Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, where the trail heads east along the canal. You’ll go over a couple bridges to get to the other side, but it’s marked for you. Pretty easy, and simple.

  6. Siobhan W. -

    My favorite ride is Torrey Pines Beach, up the coast to Carlsbad for a stop to get some pizza and beer before returning. Beautiful scenery along the coast through all the adorable coastal towns in San Diego County

  7. Chris -

    I love my coastal ride from North County to Sorrento Valley to get to work:

    Beautiful views and (mostly) nice roads the whole way!

  8. Sheryl -

    Just started riding (thanks to my husband) the beginning of August and I look forward to whatever free time I have to get out there!

    My favorite route is from the Silver Strand bikeway near the San Diego National Wildlife Complex to Tidelands Park in Coronado. It’s around 17 miles round trip. You’re next to the beach and goes through awesome scenery…can’t get any better than that!

  9. tomas -

    I like riding Dana Point to San Clemente on the coast

  10. tom mckenna -

    my favorite ride is the ojai bike ride from ventura beach to ojai! its about 32 miles round trip and it’s entirely on a bike path. beautiful scenery, and you can stop for a bike to eat once you’re in ojai and walk around town before heading back!

    here’s the info:

  11. gayle mckenna -

    my favorite ride is from carpinteria state beach to the pier in Santa Barbara. Beautiful ocean views, great fish tacos at the pier before turning around! About 25 miles round trip!

  12. Anna -

    My favorite ride is the San Luis Rey River Trail Ride. Catch it from the beach in Oceanside and take it aproximately 9 miles on a 2 lane bike only paved road that is very scenic and cool!

  13. Christopher Riel -

    My favorite bike ride route begins at El Porto Beach and continues south until you reach Hermosa Beach. This is the route I ride with my two girls. Eldest one rides an aqua metallic bike w/ streamers and the youngest one gets to sit in a bicycle trailer attached to my mtn bike.

    We love this route because it hugs our wonderful beaches throughout the ride and usually ends with a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream at Hermosa. There’s plenty of places to rest along the bike path and there’s always a restroom nearby (VERY important if your riding with kids) The route also passes two piers in Manhattan and Hermosa which offer the perfect opportunity to have a snack, people watch, and maybe take in a game of volleyball. It’s a great, easy, and fun ride to do. You have the sun, surf, and the beach…..add them all up and you’ve got a wonderful recipe for fun day of cycling.

  14. Christopher Riel -

    Odd, my post above was written @ 9/22 9:58pm PST…….(is the server clock different)?

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