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“Where did you ride for the week?” with XX2i Optics - Post by 10/12

Share your ride for a chance to win gear from XX2i Optics valued at up to $150 and a FREE ENTRY, bike jersey, t-shirt and hat for Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast.

Post an answer below or on our Facebook page by 5pm, Friday 10/12, and let us know how you did on riding and training between October 6 and October 12.  And we hope you’re feeling on track with your riding and 4 weeks to go until Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast presented by Tri-City Medical Center on November 3.  Share your riding progress and you’ll be in for a chance to win one of our giveaway items:

  • a gift certificate for for XX2i that can used for eyewear with a value up to $150.
  • one of the cool Bike the Coast jerseys designed at
  • a free ride entry for any distance: 100, 50, 25, 15 or 7 miles
  • Bike the Coast t-shirt (brand new design!)
  • Bike the Coast hat

Join the fun and get in on weekly giveaways leading up to Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast on November 3, 2012.

Drop a note here or on our Facebook page with your answer to get in on the 2012 giveaways.

More details on the giveaway:

The 10/12/12 promotion is for:

  • a gift certificate for for XX2i Optics that can used for eyewear with a value up to $150.
  • one of the cool Bike the Coast jerseys designed at
  • a free ride entry for any distance: 100, 50, 25, 15 or 7 miles
  • Bike the Coast t-shirt (brand new design!)
  • Bike the Coast hat

No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  5 winners will be selected in this promotion, one for the bike jersey, one for the gift certificate, one for the free entry, one for the t-shirt and one for the hat.  Previous 2012 Bike the Coast promotion winners not eligible.  Items will be awarded based on comments on this post, on the Bike the Coast Facebook page or the San Diego Century Facebook page between October 6 and October 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm, with winners selected by Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast judges.

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  1. Jacob -

    I have been training with my brother in law to get ready for the bike the coast ride. I have ridden the course the last two sunday’s to get him ready to ride it. We have only done on loop so we are going to keep pushing to get the speed up. I have also added a ride to work and a post work ride each friday. This last sunday I was able to put in 71 miles by riding from home to the pier in oceanside and then rode the course with my brother in law. I plan on adding a little more distance until it is time to ride my very first century.
    I feel good, confident that by putting in over 100 miles each weekend I will be able to do it on race day.

  2. Mike Miller -

    I did a short 41 miler on Saturday (our club ride from home and followed on Sunday with a 70 miler from my home in Fontana CA to Empire Bikes (new bike store, another club ride) and back.

  3. Janet -

    I’ve been riding along the beach bike bath in Huntington Beach! I love the ocean view and the great scenery!

  4. Robert from Redlands -

    My son and I road a 50 mile ride in Riverside. The Riverside Citrus Classic on Sunday. Lot of hills!! Did a 32 mile ride on the Sana Ana river trail today. 10/9/12 And on Saturday with Ride yourself fit club a 26 mile ride through Redlands.

  5. Alice Chow -

    With the cooling down temperature in Los Angeles County, I finally made it to more than 50 miles in 3 hours. I am going to put on more miles, hopefully to 85 miles before 11/3 for my first century ride.

  6. Patrice Pagano -

    Sunday, 10/7: 30 miles around the city of Chino Hills and Chino. I got a mix of the the flat roads of Chino and also some hill climbs in Chino Hills!

    Monday, 10/8: 15 miles right after work at Lake Mira Mar (3 laps)

    Tuesday, 10/9: 20 Miles right after work at Lake Mira Mar (4 laps)

    Wednesday, 10/10: Due to the darker evenings I decided to take an hour spin class over at Spinage in San Diego

    I am pumped for Bike the Coast! Woooo!

  7. Jocelyn H. -

    One of the great things about training rides is that you get to experience everything about the course. I love riding different routes. I researched the Tour de Julian ride route and decided to try it out with my riding BFF. Although we rode the shortened (yes, we cheated a bit) distance, it was a workout. My legs were burning a bit. Great weather, good friend, fresh air and Julian Apple Pie made this a good day. I am ready for Bike the Coast! Try this route. You won’t regret it:

  8. John from Upland -

    Now that the triple-digit temps are gone and my leg infection has healed (from not getting un-clipped in time and falling!), I’m training for the 25 mile ride with a 14 mile gas-saving round trip commute to work from Upland to Claremont on the Pacific Electric Trail. Rode 22 miles on the Trail Saturday to get in a longer ride and work on my nutrition during the ride.

  9. Derek B -

    LAST MAY, I LEARNED A VALUABLE LESSON RIDING THE SD CENTURY! After inheriting a bib number on short notice, I was told by a group of my co-workers that I could do the 50 miler with no training. To compensate for not being “saddle ready”, I was instructed to use half a tube(235ml) of Paceline BUTT BUTTER to start and the other half of BUTT BUTTER half way thru. During the applications of the Butt Butter, I swore to never put myself in that miserable situation again… I am now ready for Nov 3rd! For the last 6 Sundays, i have progressively increased my ride distances and last Sunday, Oct 7th, I completed a 44 miler. Not just a any 40 plus ride, the notorious “Honey Springs Road”in Jamul! When I left my fiancee’s condo in Eastlake i rode by the Olympic Training Center, Otay Lakes, Skydiving SD, Pio Pico 1000 Trails before coming to the base of Honey Springs Road. The climb is about 7 miles straight up and the climb took me about 40 minutes. The total elevation gain is about 2,500 ft. After re-fueling at the top the 7 mile decent came with a sweet and unforgettable adrenaline rush that made up for the painful 7 mile climb! I wasn’t too sore so I know i am ready for ‘Bike the Coast 2012″!

  10. analisa -

    56 from PQ to del mar!

  11. Congrats to the 10/12 Winners: XX2i Optics, Ride Entry & More | Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast, Oceanside CA, November 3, 2012 -

    [...] to everyone who participated, what a great collection of rides!  See all the answers on the website, and on the Facebook page for Bike the [...]

  12. Christine Bolick -

    Ron and I have been training faithfully for this Bike the Coast ride each week. We ride 10 - 20 miles 3 days a week and do a long ride on the weekend. This past weekend we rode the Faster Gran Fondo of Scottsdale, Az as our final training ride. It was a 51 mile ride with lots of hills, including a hill climbing competition. We feel completing this ride allowed us to see where we are in our training in respect to being ready for Bike the Coast. We took 4 hours and 45 minutes to complete the 51 miles but it told us that our bodies will be willing to handle the 50 miles expected of us this weekend. Thanks for your training schedule, it was unvaluable to us.
    Christine Bolick, Ron Donaldson

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