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Post your ride by 7/16 to get in on the Bike the Coast Jersey

What is your best ride report between 7/10 and 7/16/12?  Post an answer below or on our Facebook page.  You’ll be in for a chance to win a 2012 bike jersey for Bike the Coast.

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Congrats to C Harris for winning last weekend’s jersey!  Way to go on a great 4th of July ride and ride report!  And thank you to everyone who participated and shared their weekend rides!

Here’s another chance to share your ride.   You’ll join the fun and also get in on the weekend giveaways leading up to Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast on November 3, 2012.

Post your GPS track, photo or ride report by 7/16 for a chance to win a Bike the Coast jersey!

The question is, “What is your best ride between 7/10 and 7/16?”

Drop a note here or on our Facebook page and share your ride to get in on the 2012 weekend giveaways.  Post a short note,  a photo or paste a link to your GPS ride.

If you want a few suggestions on tracking & sharing your rides with your phone, your GPS device or by entering your route online then check out “6 Ways to Track Your Rides with Your Phone or GPS Device”.

Win a Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast 2012 Bike Jersey. The best comments between July 10, 2012 and 11:59 pm  Monday 7/16/12  are eligible.  The judging team from Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast will select the winning comments during the week, with the winner posted next week.

More details on the giveaway:

The 7/16/12 promotion is for one Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast 2012 Bike Jersey.  No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  Previous 2012 Bike the Coast promotion winners not eligible.  Items will be awarded based on best comments on this post, on the Bike the Coast Facebook page or the San Diego Century Facebook page between July 10 and July 16, 2012 at 11:59 pm, with winners selected by Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast judges.

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  1. Spencer Pablo wins the 7/16 Bike the Coast Jersey | Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast, Oceanside CA, November 3, 2012 -

    [...] to all the riders who posted on the website and on our Facebook page.  Keep riding and keep posting for the weekly [...]

  2. Jim -

    my favorite ride is the San Luis Rey River bike trail from Guajome park to the Oceanside Pier and back. This is an easy 20 mile ride without traffic, just an occasional snake minding its business. This is my favorite way to unwind after work.

  3. Nina -

    On vacation in Allentown, PA.
    I do miss my coastal rides but thanks to a very kind kind cyclist who loaned me a bike while I’m in Pennsylvania with family, I have been on a bike exploring the area and getting ready for the Bike the Coast century, my very first!

    On Sunday I started out early, took some windy country roads to the T-town Velodrome (got to see some junior national cyclists too who have been racing here) then more country roads- 25 miles in total. I saw cardinals (those red birds I never see in CA). The roads were clear so it was basically me and nature! Beautiful way to start the day.

  4. Greta -

    Rode from the Camarillo Train Station up to Santa Barbara - 53.5 miles, had lunch and a “recovery ride” beer. Then took the train back down from there. Beautiful weather, great scenery!

  5. Brandon Bennett -

    We rode around the back bay in Newport Beach, 2 laps!

  6. Mark -

    Had an amazing ride from Long Beach to Laguna Beach…approximately 50 miles there and back. Rode PCH the whole way down. I recommend stopping at the Ruby’s Shake Shack in Crystal Cove. It’s a spectacular view with great food. A nice treat for a long ride.

  7. Pamala -

    Rode up to Solana Beach Saturday for a smoothie @ Juicers…the best! 44 mi

  8. steve johnson -

    Great ride Sunday with friends. Rode from Fallbrook to Rainbow, CA. A little cool and overcast with light fog but the cool weather was great for riding. Stopped for breakfast burritos at the Rainbow Oaks Cafe. Great ride.

  9. Annette Mann -

    I rode the Beach Babe Bike Ride from Long Beach to Huntington Beach on 7/15. I do several bike rides throughout the year around Southern California and this is my favorite. Beautiful beach course. Great rest stops with gourmet food!! No other ride competes. And great rest stop entertainment. Barbershop quartet at one rest stop. Dance band at the end!! The Babes wear costumes. A really great ride and party.

  10. Kim -

    I rode in the Beach Babe Classic this past Sunday. The ride started at Marina Green Park in Long Beach, and the turnaround point was at Zack’s in Hungtington Beach by the pier, for a total of just over 32 miles. The ride was for women only, and it turned out to be a wonderful day.

  11. Lana -

    I lived in Redondo Beach and rode bicycle every morning and evening. My beach rides came from North Redondo to Manthatan Beach and back. Love the view and fresh ocean air. The only limit there is the speed which doesn’t allow you to ride more than 10-15 miles per hour.
    I also found Dana Points Hills at Laguna Niguel. Love it, gives you a nice “glutes tone” and take your breath away! After all hills you will clime there you will get a very exceptional benefits from the top view at the ocean Morning is the best time to be there. One of the very friendly roads in the US for cycling!
    My next goal to get into San Deigo rides and participate one day at Senior National Olympics…
    Best wishes to all and please enjoy your rides!

  12. Tiffany Ortega -

    I was able to get a little over 61 miles under my belt today. I rode from inland Oceanside to Via de la Valle! (A record for me..I’m getting ready for the Bike the Coast Century in November!) It was an absolutely perfect day for a ride down the coast!
    Raul, keep at it and they will come a little more naturally to you. (I fell last weekend for the same reason.)

  13. Raul dela Rosa -

    Did a 10 mile ride this morning to learn how to use my new clipless pedals. I fell down again when I couldn’t remove the cleats when I stopped. I will learn this, I promise.

    • Greg (SDC & BTC Marketing) -

      Raul, awesome to see you out with the new pedals! We’ve all done it, I hope your fall was better than mine. I tipped over at a crosswalk on the Univ of Washington campus in front of hundreds of students when I got my new pedals/shoes, lots of laughs at my expense;) Keep at it, you’ll be a pro in no time!

  14. Jean S -

    Just wanted to get out and ride in preparation for the 25 mile ride for Bike the Coast.

    Rode about 10 miles around Oceanside, mostly around the industrial parks to see what businesses are here in my hometown.

    I know I’m not like the other cyclists who post here but just someone who enjoys riding for exercise and checking out the sites.

    It was a beautiful bike ride day!

  15. Eric Park -

    Aliso Wood and Canyons park is one of the nicest trails in OC.
    There’s a nice ocean view from the top and view of Santiago Peak on the other side.

    We started at the trail head by Awma road. Our climb consisted of Mathis to the Top of the World. We took Meadows down on a switchback downhill. Then climbed back up through Cholla and came down Lynx.

    Total ride was 16.7 miles and 2100 ft elevation gain.

    Here’s my Strava data:

  16. Steve Gagliano -

    I rode with Covina Cycle Club from Fullerton to Oceanside. Fun 80 mile ride avg 15 mph.

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